bird pic 2

Josie found newborn baby birds and eyes were as big as quarters as she ran to her grandpa to tell him all about her discovery.

Bill explained to her that since she found the babies that she could be their “segregate” mother.

Once Bill explained to her what “segregate” meant- she was ready to be a mother!

Bill asked Josie, “How are you going to feed your babies?” She replied, “I’m going to feed them worms!”

It was in that exact moment that she became a little uncomfortable with the idea of being a “segregate” because Bill was explaining to her exactly how she was going to have to feed the birds.

Her eyes went from the size of quarters to half dollars!

“I have to chew the worms up in my mouth and then spit the worms in the baby birds mouth!?” In which Bill replied, “Yes, you do because baby birds don’t have teeth!”

“Chew them in my mouth!”

I was so impressed by Bill’s composure when he said, “Josie do you want to be a good mother?”

Josie’s face contorted, and she looked a little green as she mulled over in her mind just how she was going to chew up worms in her mouth.

After a few minutes of complete silence, Josie looked at her grandpa with the most perplexing look as she asked, “But grandpa, “How do you chew up worms in your mouth?!”

The idea of being a segregate parent had faded fast however she had committed to this but she just couldn’t find any loop holes to gracefully exit this predicament she found herself in….until.

Bill burst out laughing!

Josie was so relieved she didn’t have to chew up worms but her last words were precious when she said, “You know, grandpa, I think I should let the mama bird feed her babies because I don’t think I can chew up worms!”