Since I am dealing with the aftermath of ARDS lately I thought it appropriate to reblog my journey . I guess you could say it is an never ending story.

Calmly Dysfunctional

I was traumatized and disoriented as my husband, Bill rushed me to the emergency room in Greeneville TN, on Friday, October 9, 2009. I was too weak to talk, could barely walk, and It was very difficult to breathe.

My diagnosis was double pneumonia, early stages of kidney failure, and possible blood clots.

Laughlin’s Memorial Hospital admitted me into ICU, however, by Sunday, my body was sepsis and I was dying.

Family members that had already passed away came to visit me. They constantly hovered over me and never left me… It was like looking at a picture slideshow.

Bill, my children, and other family members became very concerned when I told them about the dead family members that I could see but I was too far gone to understand their fears.

On Monday, I had a somewhat lucid moment when my doctor managed to get my attention to tell…

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