Some of my faithful readers have expressed concern that I have stopped writing and although I will never understand why my writing would be that interesting I am touched by your kindness.

My reason for not writing is that I am going through a rough patch with my health but my wise-cracking son said, “Well write about being sick.”

So what lovely adjectives can I come up with to describe my delightful journey?

Lately I have felt under the weather, not a hundred percent –more like 45.2%.

My sickening, revolting, stomach-churning, queasiness are “off-putting” and distasteful for my family!

On more than one occasion my loving, supportive family has said to me, “Good Lord, Grandma! Did something crawl up your butt and die!”

Yes, being sick brings out all my finer redeeming qualities that seems to have the effect of liberating me from my family.

Acid Reflux that wonderful backflow of liquid regurgitation of the stomach peptic juices that I affectionately refer to as GERDS Disease is such a delightful condition; why it’s double the pleasure, double the fun!

What the intestines don’t want gets sling shot into your esophagus! Delicious! It makes your mouth-water with that luscious, yummy, delectable- yet spicy explosion of gusto in your chest! Gusto always goes good with Pepto-Bismol!

I am thinking that my next blog will be about if there were ever to be an Olympic Triathlon for 90 years-old that there is a probability that I would be a Bronze Medalist! Definitely a very strong contender for fourth place!

Now at this point you may be wondering what intestinal distress with GERDS has to do with the Olympics?

Absolutely nothing but I am DELIRIOUS!

Deliriously, Calmly Dysfunctional

Donna Faye, CDP