Josh - Copy

July 21, 1978, was a special day that changed my life forever. Joshua Emerson Graham was born. He was my first born and the trail blazer for the two siblings to follow.

He captured his father’s heart when he was 2 days old. Bill was changing his diaper and Josh peed in his daddy’s mouth while he was talking non sense to his infant son! That sealed the deal!

Josh taught mom that the bathroom always looks much better covered in toilet paper and why put tooth brushes in a holder when the toilet was a much better place! Pots and pans were more functional in the middle of the kitchen floor!

He was a precocious little boy who questioned everything and never was shy. He was always in the thick of things and entertained us all playing his toy guitar at family gatherings as the family singed along.

Josh would strap on his guitar, turn on the tape player to Charlie Daniels, Fire on the Mountain, and he would call out to his imaginary friend, “Hit it Gracie” and together they would put on a concert.

I started getting gray hair his teenage years! Josh get back in your room! I swear Bill and I were going to nail his bedroom window shut! He loved to pull one over on Bill and me. In fact, I think he made it a quest!

Now our Josh is a man, with a family of his own. A beautiful wife and two daughters and he is one “mind blowing’ guitar player!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful son!