My two older brother’s Marion (deceased) and David were always getting into mischief when they were young and Marion was always coning David into some hilarious situations.

One of the most comical was when Marion managed to put a saddle on a bull and it was always a mystery until today how Marion managed to saddle a bull.

Marion’s daughter, Lanna, told me that Marion corralled the bull in the barn and wore him down until he was able saddle him.

Once he got the saddle on the bull Marion sits on a fence and patiently waited for David and he didn’t have to wait too long.

Once David spotted the bull with a saddle on- he just had to inquire!  How did you put a saddle on that bull?  Marion said, “Well, it was pretty easy, he is real gentle, and I have ridden him all through the hill!”

Well after hearing that David just had to ride the bull!

Once the bull first felt the pressure of David’s foot in the stirrup the bull started going in wild circles.  When the bull felt my brother’s full weigh on it back it was pure mayhem!

It was quite a spectacle to see David going rogue rodeo style!  The bull began turning in circles as fast as it could go and then it would stop suddenly and then turn and go in the other direction, while snorting and pawing the ground with its hind quarters bucking to the right and then left.

David was hanging on to the saddle horn for dear life!  His butt was bouncing up and down on the saddle like it had springs attached!

David was getting thrown to the left side of the bull and his right foot came out of the stirrup and would be airborne.  Then the bull would suddenly start turning in the other direction and his left foot would go airborne!  My brother couldn’t tell up from down!

There are no words to explain the look on my brother’s face especially when the bull started bucking and running thought a stand of trees!

While David was riding out the storm, Marion was doubling over laughing and he kept urging David on, “Ride em cowboy

When David finally went flying through the air it was if time stood still as we watched him somersault head over heels several times before he came to rest with his nose digging up dirt!

Now David has a temper and when he got up from the ground slightly swaying from side to side as he tried to steady himself… He let out a barrage of language that I don’t even think is in Webster dictionary!

But Marion was unfazed as he slowly walked over to David and said, “Oh, I forgot to mention you can’t ride a bull with a saddle because it makes him really mad!”


Donna Faye CDP