This story is about perfect timing between my sister, Vickie, and my Uncle, Billy Robinette.

Uncle Billy usually knew when and where my brother’s and first cousins (Uncle Billy’s nephews) were going to camp out and he would sneak up on them and always do something to scare them.

Vickie and Uncle Billy were kindred spirits when it came to scaring her siblings and cousins. But on this occasion Vickie did not know that Uncle Billy was laying in wait in the background and between the two of them they created perfect hysteria!

On this particular occasion my brother David and two of his friends had pitched a tent at the side of our house under a Weeping Willow Tree.

David never liked the dark but he figured that there is always safety in numbers and of course they were not that far from the house if they needed to make a hasty escape.

What David did not know is that Vickie was waiting for the right moment to strike!

Vickie got one of our cats, and then very quietly sneaked upon the boys in the tent. Next she takes a cloths pin and clamps it on the cat’s tail and then very quickly throws the hissing, spitting, furious cat in the tent with the boys.

Now, at the exact same time that Vickie tosses the cat inside the tent… Uncle Billy lets out a cry that sounded like a bob cat! As you can imagine, the cat was livid and was growling, spitting, slapping, and climbing anything that moved.

Pure pandemonium broke out inside the ten! The boys were screaming, and tripping over the top of each other to get out of the tent before this creature ate them for dinner!

The tent collapsed and all that could be seen was a mess of tangled legs, frantic failing arms as they scrambled to get away from the demon bob cat that was inside their tent, or what was left of their tent!

Now Vickie didn’t count on hearing a bob cat cry so she hightailed it back inside the house but she quickly figured out it was Uncle Billy and she thoroughly enjoyed watching these macho boys come unglued by a little ole cat which was aided by a bob cat cry!

Donna Faye, CDP