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This is a story written by Avery Graham who is my fourth granddaughter that is eight years-old!

My Cat
By: Avery Graham

One day, long ago on October 29,2011 my family and I were carving pumpkins…..Sudenly a beautiful cat came to our house!

She had black fur, green eyes,and a very cute meow :] But for some awkward reason, I was scared! I think it was because she was a stray or I didn’t like when animals jump up on me. So,I had to carve my pumpkin inside.

When we were all done my mom came in with me. Surprisingly, my sister and I were completely different! She loved the cat, but me, well not so much. A few days later she left!

My sister Maggie balled her eyes her eyes out!

About 3 weeks later I was in the bathroom washing my hands and I heard meowing! My mom called my sister’s name.

She said:”Maggie! Come here!!! As we entered outside we saw the cat!!!! We named the cat Reggie.

We couldn’t have pets so we begged our land lord if we could keep her. He said yes.

A few weeks later, I got to know Reggie. I warmed up to her and she warmed up to me. And it comes to now in 2013. I love my cat!

Thanks for reading my story XD