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This story is written by my grandson (only grandson) who is my second grandchild that is ten years-old!

Before We Had Fast Internet
By: Lee Graham

About 3 years ago we didn’t have fast internet and the only game that would work online was stupid Little Big Planet and I kept asking WHEN WILL WE GET FAST INTERNET!?

The only thing that we played was call of duty modern warfare 3, on survival.

In 2012 I started to play minecraft. I made an account and I went to the google chrome email. After I done that I then closed the email screen then went back to minecraft.net and it said I had to download this thing called java and it took almost forever to download but after that was done I logged off and it said my account had migrated then it said I had to login with my email address! I did that, then tried it, but it still did not work!

So I logged in with my Mojang password, it worked, but when I logged in I got to the title screen then I went to multiplayer! I got the IP Adresss and the internet connection was not working so I asked grandma WHEN ARE WE GETTING FAST INTERNET!?


1 year later this thing called Century Link installed fast internet in our home. It took a while but it was worth the wait and it is very very fast!

Now I have started to ask grandma when can I have a headset!

The end or is it? ;D