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This is a story about a goat that came to visit our backyard last summer.

I heard the dogs barking and when I looked out the back door I saw a goat!

It was the cutest little red and white male goat who had the most unusual markings on its coat.

The goat was fearless as it was trying to chase the dog instead of the dogs cashing him. He was feisty to be out numbered which made him all the more adorable!

I quickly got Bill to help me separate the goat from the dogs and once the dogs were in the house Bill decided to drive around the neighborhood to see if anybody was missing a goat. After all, it is not every day that a goat calmly walks into your backyard and not belongs to somebody close by.

I had certainly never heard of a goat taking a quest to travel many miles from home to inspire and to impart wisdom to all whose path it crossed… so it stood to reason that he lived nearby.

As Bill was out driving through the neighborhood he suddenly had an episode with his heart which caused him to black out and then drive the car into a tree!

Bill was taken to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a heart blockage and would need a stent put in quickly before he had a stroke or a heart attack and to add insult to injury the car was totaled!

Later that evening we are all sitting home reeling from all that had taken place and contemplating what in the world are we going to do with a goat?!!

I decided to put the goat up in the dog kennel for the night because I was worried that the coyotes would get him.

The next morning I looked out our kitchen window and saw the goat standing on top of the dog house which I thought was hilarious!

I didn’t know what I was going to do with a goat but the kids were ecstatic!

When I let the goat out to graze, Josie came charging out of the house and shouted, “I’m gonna get me a goat!” Except- the goat had other plans!

As Josie was chasing after the goat saying, “come here goat, I’m gonna get you!” The goat wheels around, looked at Josie with the most indigent stare, let out a loud blaaaaa, and then promptly turned in the opposite direction, AND, I might add, at a very brisk pace exited out front yard into the wood to never been seen again!

Now to recap… Goat came to visit; Bill wrecks car, trip to emergency room, heart blockage, car totaled, and the dang goat left!

To this day if you mention the goat to Bill it is not “the goat” but rather that “damn bastard”!

Let this serve as a warning if goat ever comes to visit…RUN!!!!

Donna Faye, CDP