Julia  Shella

Julia is my third grandchild that lives with me, my husband, Bill and their father Ben.

Julia rounds out the trio of Lee, and Josie.

She is the peace keeper between her other two siblings and at times she referees arguments on who did what so I can keep the facts straight when Lee and Josie are both screaming at me at the same time on who needs to be in trouble!

Julia is the exact opposite of her two high powered brother and sister, however, she is not a push over and she has the respect from both her siblings which is amazing for a middle child.

She is a child of conviction! If she believes she is right she will defend and debate her believes! Backing down is not an option!

The sad part about her convictions is that she is usually right and it is usually in the subject math!

I swear she takes me back to elementary school every school year to relearn or learn something!

It’s very humbling to have an eight year-old explaining concepts to me!

Julia has her own brand of humor and she definitely keeps it real!

Donna Faye, CDP