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What is in a Word

josie 2

While brushing Josie’s hair today that was a tangled mess. I was discussing with her the value of bruising her hair everyday so it wouldn’t get so tangled.

Josie pipes up and says in a very offended voice, “Grandma you are being raciest!”

I got tickled and I asked Josie if she knew what raciest means?

Josie told me that raciest means you are making fun of somebody’s culture.

I praised Josie for understanding what raciest meant and then I asked her how me talking about combing her hair would be raciest since her hair would be a style not a culture.

Without missing a lick Josie says, “Aw grandma what is in a word!”

Yes indeed what is in a word. I think it is time to teach Josie a new word called…discrimination!


Donna Faye, CDP


The Story of Stella


This is a true story written by my granddaughter, Julia Graham who is my third grandchild that is eight years-old!

The Story of Stella
By: Julia Graham

True Story 5/25/13

There once was a dog named Stella outside in the dark, the coyotes were out and she was gone for a few days.

After two days she was home with blood on her (everyone was worried)!

Then they called the Doctor and they carried her to the car trunk and they drove to the Doctor.

On Christmas Day she died the worst Christmas present EVER.

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