My father was an avid reader! There was many a mornings that I would get up for school and he would have been up all night reading a book.

Dad liked to read magazines as well and one particular magazine that comes to mind was Playboy Magazine!

Now according to dad, Playboy had its finger on the pulse of the nation (which I am sure was about 50 beats per second higher) and that Hugh Hefner was a visionary man who was ahead of his time.

My father was a fierce defender of reading Playboy for the “articles!” Why it was a personal affront to his character to even suggest that he looked at the nude pictures!

He was a very intellectual man and in his opinion the magazine was spot-on with the politics of the nation.

Well, at least, that was his story, and he stuck to it when my then 5 year-old son, Josh, and my 9-year-old nephew, Aaron, found dad’s stack of Playboy magazines and with eyes popping out of their heads raced to show their grandma their discovery!

Now when mom got riled she could talk about the same subject for days, months, and years!

Although dad never said; I have a feeling that by the time mom ran out of steam preaching about the sins of Playboy… dad probably wished that he had never heard of the magazine or Hugh Hefner!

Hell hath no fury like a wife who has just discovered through her grandson’s that her husband had a stash of Playboy Bunnies that had very interesting “articles” to read!

Donna Faye, CDP