Julia and Josie, my seven and eight year-old granddaughters where so excited when they hear on the radio that it was “grandmother’s day!”

I was clueless to their discovery so imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I was tackled with their enthusiasm!

Their exhilaration, happiness, and cheerful chattering were nerve-wracking as they grabbed me by my hands to drag me to my recliner chair!

Without warning Josie pushed me backwards into my chair as Julia popped the foot rest on my recliner and my legs went airborne!

As I am trying to regain my composure from free-falling backwards into my chair, Josie said, “Grandma! Sit down, and relax!

At the same time, I feel little fingers digging into my shoulders for an impromptu shoulder massage as Julia says, “Grandma put your feet up, and relax! You need to slow down, unwind, and take it easy and let me and Josie take care of you because today is your special day!”

I have a special day? Did someone forget to give me the memo?

My apprehension slowly began to dissolve when Julia began brushing my hair, and Josie started massaging my feet while singing, “I love you, you love me, were a great big happy family!”

Julia and Josie’s enchantment became contagious and I couldn’t help but be amused by their antics. They were just too cute!

After the special pampering Julia and Josie told me that they were going to draw me pictures in honor of my special day!

Great! Pictures! Now I will be able to gather some clues about why I have a special day!

Before drawing me a picture Josie swiped the remote to the television off the table.

She looked at her grandpa and said in an I MEAN BUSINESS TONE that I was to be allowed to watch any television show that I wanted all day because it was my “special” day!

Now nobody comes between grandpa and his remote! He has amazing sensory powers and knows when someone has changed a channel even when he is sound asleep and snoring! “Hey! I’m watching that!”

With the threat of losing his television for the day grandpa decided to enlighten the girls on the significant of my “special” day!

Grandpa called the girls to him and while choking on laughter he says, “Girls it’s not “grandmother’s day”. It is Groundhogs Day and Punxsutawney Donna didn’t see her shadow!

OH My Gosh, I am being pampered because I am a GROUNDHOG!!!

I was tackled, thrown into my chair, followed by a temporary anxiousness because my “special day” was Groundhog Day?!!!!

Of course the girls thought their mistake was hilarious and in-between bouts of laughter they would say, “Oh, grandma you don’t look like a groundhog!”

Needless to say, I will be on high alert on Mother’s Day!

You know, this could only happen to me!

Happy Groundhog/Mother’s Day!
Donna Faye, CDP