My father and I shared one thing in common when he was alive.

He was terrified of snakes!

When my daughter, Jessica, was a young child she spent the night with her grandpa and grandma.

She had a rubber snake that she was playing with and when the little devil heard grandpa say that he was going to mow the yard. She sneaked outside and draped the rubber snake on the back rest onto the seat!

Jessica silently watched as her grandpa walked toward the lawn mower and when he step upon the mower he blasted into the air as if he had rockets attached to his feet and was “Screaming like a little girl!”

Jessica was dying of laugher as she watched her grandpa come unglued in the front yard and when he discovered that it was a rubber snake he knew that somebody wanted to send a charge of 2000 volts of electricity through his body!

My father blamed my mother for putting the snake on the lawn mower and Jessica sure wasn’t going to tell on herself especially after watching her grandpa convulsing and shouting in the front yard!

Mom tried to reassure dad but it was too late because the laughter demons were out of the cage! It was full-fledged doubled over side-splitting laughter!

Yep, they were over the moon and the more mom and Jessica laughed the madder dad got!

My mother kept Jessica’s secret because she knew that between the two of them it had to be Jessica that scared the life out of her grandfather!

They say that “laughter is the best medicine” and if that is true dad’s antics that day added ten years to their lives!

Donna Faye, CDP