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My Cat

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This is a story written by Avery Graham who is my fourth granddaughter that is eight years-old!

My Cat
By: Avery Graham

One day, long ago on October 29,2011 my family and I were carving pumpkins…..Sudenly a beautiful cat came to our house!

She had black fur, green eyes,and a very cute meow :] But for some awkward reason, I was scared! I think it was because she was a stray or I didn’t like when animals jump up on me. So,I had to carve my pumpkin inside.

When we were all done my mom came in with me. Surprisingly, my sister and I were completely different! She loved the cat, but me, well not so much. A few days later she left!

My sister Maggie balled her eyes her eyes out!

About 3 weeks later I was in the bathroom washing my hands and I heard meowing! My mom called my sister’s name.

She said:”Maggie! Come here!!! As we entered outside we saw the cat!!!! We named the cat Reggie.

We couldn’t have pets so we begged our land lord if we could keep her. He said yes.

A few weeks later, I got to know Reggie. I warmed up to her and she warmed up to me. And it comes to now in 2013. I love my cat!

Thanks for reading my story XD


Spell Binding Articles

My father was an avid reader! There was many a mornings that I would get up for school and he would have been up all night reading a book.

Dad liked to read magazines as well and one particular magazine that comes to mind was Playboy Magazine!

Now according to dad, Playboy had its finger on the pulse of the nation (which I am sure was about 50 beats per second higher) and that Hugh Hefner was a visionary man who was ahead of his time.

My father was a fierce defender of reading Playboy for the “articles!” Why it was a personal affront to his character to even suggest that he looked at the nude pictures!

He was a very intellectual man and in his opinion the magazine was spot-on with the politics of the nation.

Well, at least, that was his story, and he stuck to it when my then 5 year-old son, Josh, and my 9-year-old nephew, Aaron, found dad’s stack of Playboy magazines and with eyes popping out of their heads raced to show their grandma their discovery!

Now when mom got riled she could talk about the same subject for days, months, and years!

Although dad never said; I have a feeling that by the time mom ran out of steam preaching about the sins of Playboy… dad probably wished that he had never heard of the magazine or Hugh Hefner!

Hell hath no fury like a wife who has just discovered through her grandson’s that her husband had a stash of Playboy Bunnies that had very interesting “articles” to read!

Donna Faye, CDP



Mother’s Day brings back so many memories and I guess my dysfunctional roots will always be with me and on some days they come to visit and as I and my memories stroll down memory lane… I laugh to myself at the craziness of it all.

My first clear memory of mother’s day was when I was about six years-old and my older brother, Marion, intentionally got into a horrible argument with my mother.

All Marion would have to say to mom to set her off were, “You’re an awful mother, and an awful cook!”

And it was ON!

They were locked in serious combat! “You, YOU are the most ungrateful, unappreciative, unthankful child!” “If you could cook a decent bowl of oat mill I wouldn’t have to eat at grandma’s all the time!”

Bull’s eye, Marion stuck gold because if there was ever one thing in this world not to say to mom… it would be to pay a compliment to her mimesis who happened to be my paternal grandmother!

Among the Holy Grille of things not to say! My grandmother would be at the top of the list! (That’s another story that transcends mother’s day!)

When the argument between mom and Marion escalated into hysterical crying and slamming kitchen cabinets… my dad who was in the background directing this mean-spirited drama that was playing out… would suddenly appear from out of nowhere and surprised mom with a brand new dress and necklace that he had bought her for “mother’s day!”

The one’s that were in on the mother’s day mayhem shouted “Happy Mother’s Day” but for the rest of us who did not have a clue what was going on said, “happy mothers day?”

Marion always said he wanted to be an actor and I will have to say he played his part to perfection!

One thing that has always amazed me is how my mother could go from being furious to, “oh, you shouldn’t have!” Her anger was gone! Poof! Gone like magic! No more tears!

“Oh, Kenneth” thank you!” “Why you had Marion to make me mad JUST to surprise me!”

Mom clutched her new dress to her bosoms, and off she ran to carefully applied her makeup, and then the fitting of her new dress followed by compliments on how she looked all day long!

However, my nerve-wracking mother’s day experience did not go poof!

When the next year’s mother’s day rolled around I had a plan in place to derail the arguments that I was so sure would happen.

One of my dear sweet aunts gave me brand new dish towels to give mom on mother’s day.

I conned my grandmother into making me a banana pudding without letting her know it was for mom. However, Marion picked up the banana pudding and if there is one thing that Marion loved it was grandma’s banana pudding.

So, while walking home with the banana pudding Marion decided to SPIT all over the pudding so that it would gross everybody out and he would have the sweet dessert all to himself! “GOOD GRIEF!”

As mother’s day rolled around I got up bright and early to make sure mom got my gifts, minus the banana pudding to overthrow an anticipated arguments because less face it what mom would not love a set of dish towels for mother’s day!

I was so smug in my confidence that I had outwitted the disaster about to befall my mother because she would instantly fall in love with my dish towels!

Visualize, my disappointment, when my desperate attempts to make mom the happiest mom in the world failed because what I failed to figure in the equation is that fighting had become a family tradition!

I left home on that day and visited with the aunt that gave me the dish towels until another memorable mother’s day passed.

As time went by the important of mothers day died a natural death until all my siblings were grown adults, became parents and understood things that immature minds could not figure out at the time.

Once I married. I really never thought about or respected the sanction of mother’s day until I became a mother myself. However, I still never bought into the commercial hype because it all seemed senseless to me.

Some of my sweetest memories are when my three kids would get up early to make breakfast for me.

I could hear them creeping up the stairs and I would pretend to be asleep when then burst into the bedroom with my breakfast sitting precariously on a tray!

I would look at them in surprise and it warmed my heart to see their little chests puffed out with pride and their eyes huge as half dollars as they would yell, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”

Bill would snuggle up beside me and we both enjoyed our children as I ate every bite of my breakfast!

When Ben was 8 years-old he made me a mother’s day card that said, “I love you little, I love you big, I love you like a big ol fat pig!” The card was complete with a picture of a pig covered in mud! AWSOME!

Now, I ask you, can you find that kind of love and devotions in a Hallmark Card ? I think not!

There were also some funny mother’s day gifts from the love of my life, Bill, such as, a mixer, and a Teflon skillet.

On one particular mother’s day- eve, I had some friends visiting and Bill was showing off the Teflon skillet he had bought for me for mother’s day and he asked one of the women that was visiting… what she thought of the big skillet?

She took the skillet out of Bill’s hand…looked it over and then sad, “Well, it’s certainly large enough to crack you over the head with it if you ever bought me something like this for mother’s day!”

The poor woman was serious but I was laughing hysterically because of the look on Bill’s face was priceless! “But, but, it’s Teflon?!”

I have never put much importance in buying me gifts on mother’s day because I already had/have what I wanted in life.

To borrow a quote from Ben, “I love my children little, I love my children big, I love my children like a big ol fat pig!”

I am devoted to my husband, children, and the Graham’s Fabulous Five (grandchildren)!

Who needs more than that!

But… let this serve as a warning to my sweet family…if you ever decided to make me furious then give me a beautiful dress, and yell suprise!

The best advice I can give you is to RUN and then never EVER complain when you see my beautiful dress cut up into neat little strips of cloth to be used as dust rags!

Just saying!

Donna Faye, CDP

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