Has anyone ever lavished you with complements that you have a look of “corpulence” or that you’re portliness accents your heftiness?

Yes, I know! Crazy huh!

Have these constructive praises given to you in the most…(take deep breath)… loving affectionate, tender, caring, adoring, amorous, sweet, warmhearted, devoted, doting, overenthusiastic, boisterous ways… led you to ask the inevitable questions:

1. Are my beefiness and stoutness showing in all the wrong places?
2. Did my cute chubby dimples really disappear in 2005?
3. Tubbiness is not longer a word meaning “teletubbies”?

Did all your question lead you to start comparing yourself with Shakespeare quotes?

To be, corpulence, or not to be, corpulence, that is the question?

Is it nobler for me to give up deep fried chicken, mash potatoes, gravy, biscuits, chocolate pie, and a gallon of sweet ice tea for a higher calling of robustness?

Or, did you find yourself praising the one showering you with adoring complements?

“Oh”, oh you… you sweet thing you… you are such a dear to be so caring, thoughtful, helpful, considerate, concerned, loving, and sensitive in pointing out my “cor-pu-lence

Tubbiness is not “teletubbies”? WOW!

Note to Self: Cover all traces of the bodies buried in the back yard!

Corpulencely yours,

Donna Faye, CDP