josie 2

While brushing Josie’s hair today that was a tangled mess. I was discussing with her the value of bruising her hair everyday so it wouldn’t get so tangled.

Josie pipes up and says in a very offended voice, “Grandma you are being raciest!”

I got tickled and I asked Josie if she knew what raciest means?

Josie told me that raciest means you are making fun of somebody’s culture.

I praised Josie for understanding what raciest meant and then I asked her how me talking about combing her hair would be raciest since her hair would be a style not a culture.

Without missing a lick Josie says, “Aw grandma what is in a word!”

Yes indeed what is in a word. I think it is time to teach Josie a new word called…discrimination!


Donna Faye, CDP