snake (1)[1]

When my daughter, Jessica, lived in Georgia with Jon, she found a stray kitten in her backyard.

She immediately falls in love with the cute little bundle of fur – that she named Camo.

On  a beautiful  Sunday afternoon,  Jessica and Jon decided to go for a walk and they  took Camo with them to enjoy the fall scenery…   Jon was holding Camo as they were strolling along breathing in the fresh air and marveling at the glory of God’s creation.

Sudden!  Jessica stops!  And says, “Jon!  Whatever you do-don’t move! Now, slowly hand Camo to me!”

Jon hands Camo over to Jessica but didn’t know why she asked for the cat…until…

Jessica takes off running like she had fire under her heels and was yelling over her shoulder at Jon…RATTLESNAKE!  RATTLESNAKE!

Now when you are out enjoying nature, and  you happen upon one of nature’s least liked creatures, it is always important to have a plan in place and prioritize what is most important to get out of harm’s way.

In this case Jess and Camo were the priority, and well,   poor Jon,  WAS ON HIS OWN!

Jessica and Jon are no longer together but that is one memory of the two of them that I continually tease Jessica about.

Donna Faye, CDP