Recently, I visited my doctor for my 6 month checkup. When he asked how things with me are, I replied where do you want me to begin? The doctor said, “I’m listening”.

After unloading all my woes I remarked to my doctor that if I had not been put on life support that I would be gone and the worries of this world would go on without me. His response to my complaining was, “God is not through with you yet”. Now to some my comments might sound a little suicidal but nothing could be farther from the truth when you’re someone who has already cheated death.

So, I dwelled on what my doctor had said to me, and it came to me like a celestial light what God wants me to do (since he is not done with me yet)! God wants me to adopt a dog ! So, I systematically search out the perfect canine.

The day I brought my 5 month old Australian Sheppard home she gets away from me and immediately runs up a steep ridge in my backyard… It was pouring down rain, and I had not ever attempted to climb the ridge especially after learning to walk again, plus I had just been told by a neighbor that there are coyotes, bobcats, and black bears living in my woods!

Off I go in pursuit of my puppy who just did not realize yet that she was ordained by God to be my dog! I am half way up the ridge when I enlist the help of Julia and Josie. I asked them to put a leash on Jack (our older dog) and bring him to me so the pup would come to me. This turned into a disastrous language barrier. When I said, “get the leash” Julia thought I said, “get a treat”. No, no, no…leash, what? Treat? NO -B R I N G -J A C K -TO -ME! …OK, I GOT THE TREAT!

Now, by this time, I am rethinking God wanting me to adopt a dog because I am soaking wet and sliding down the side of the ridge. But, I finally prevailed and safely got the pup off the ridge and in the house! At last my faith is restored again that adopting a dog was God’s plan for me.

Day two, I took Sheela (pups name) outside but this time she is on a leash. I am just standing there and WAM! My feet fly out from under me and I am laying on the ground! Sheela heads for the ridge again! Jack was providing first aid by licking my face. I told Jack to go get Sheela and he did! By the time I got back on my feet Jack had rescued Sheela.

I believe that I can say with some authority that adopting a dog was NOT what God had in mind for me.

I wonder if God wants me to be a Bee Keeper?