To all that have been reading my blogs a special thank you. As you can tell I am very amateurish and I am learning as I go but am enjoying myself, and all of you are encouraging me to keep trying.

If you like the blogs please let me know on my blog site because your feedback is very important to me and by all means feel free to share!

I have a special reason for asking for your feedback. I have an acquired brain injury and on some days writing is not that easy but I push my way through it and your feed back would really help me. In a way writing is therapeutic. .. Aww, poor me-NOPE, NOT BY A LONG SHOT! I just enjoy the challenge to keep trying and pushing myself.

I also have another reason. As Josie pointed out, I am fat and have to go on a diet. I am now working on shedding the post ARDS weight and if I am writing, I’m not eating! Seems I have a knack for confusing my brain!

Thank you!
Donna Faye, CDP