Many- many- many-years ago, I went on a road trip with a friend. While in route we decided to smoke a joint. I must say that I was quite the entertainer until we hit heavy traffic.

My buzz quickly turned into paranoia! To make matters worse it started pouring down rain and we had to merge into the right lane!

Now when I was asked by the driver to look out the car window to see if we could merge… I seemed to have navigation problems because every time I looked out the window rain would hit me in the face and I would instantly forget why I was looking out the window.

Dang, I had a severe case of amnesia that was induced by rain!

After the fourth time, of asking me to look out the window, the driver got a little upset with me, “Damn it, Donna, can I GET OVER?” Now I had every good intention of helping the driver but that darn rain would make me forget what I was doing when it hit me in the face!

Finally, somebody felt sorry for us and let us merge into the right lane. Alright, we are moving now!

On the way home I decide to roll a joint and as I was doing so someone in a tractor trailer saw what I was doing. Unfortunately, the driver had a CB radio so every tractor trailer we passed going down the highway was honking their horn at us!

Oh-my-gosh, PARANOIA again! What is this a government conspiracy? Big brother is everywhere! Cops are going to get us any minute!

Now, I start to pray. Dear Lord, please –please-please just let me get home and I will never ever smoke another joint as long as I live!

We made it back home, and I gave thanks to the good Lord, but I did have to tell the Lord that I had thought over my hasty request and that I had been a bit rash….I will quit smoking next week!

Now days I can’t “inhale” anything other than an emergency inhaler but I can look back with fond memories and take personal pride in the fact that I got my friend out of that traffic jam and back home safely!

Damn it Donna!

Donna Faye, CDP